Happy first anniversary to my sweet neighbors, friends, and clients: Nisha and Joe!

All of my clients are special to me. It’s so fun to take lead my clients on the journey familiarly known as planning a wedding. For Nisha and Joe, it was extra special because not only were they clients, but they are my neighbors.

I knew that Nisha would want something beautifully understated, not too over the top but everything filled with meaning and beauty. And Joe would want to look good and throw an amazing party—a custom tailored tux (which we designed together) and a party that would have their guests enjoying themselves into the wee hours of the San Francisco morning.

The wedding was held at the beautiful Bently Reserve building. The decor was centered around hundreds of feet of eucalyptus garland draped and lining the aisle of the ceremony and tables of the reception. This alone filled the room with an uplifting and energizing aromatherapy that Nisha still talks about to this day! Where there wasn’t eucalyptus, there were opulent bowls of fruit which carried an old world and farm-to-table sensibility.

For the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets it was less about the flowers, but more about fresh cut herbs such as rosemary, mint and lavender. For a touch of whimsy, peacock feathers which were the “light theme” of the wedding were incorporated into cocktail arrangements. The bride wanted a nod to what had inspired the design of their wedding invitations, but didn’t want it to feel like peacock overload. We carried the peacock design into the ceiling at the reception, but kept it only on the ceiling so as to avoid odd shadows on everyone’s faces.

A special thank you to Christopher Duggan for these beautiful photos!