Me & Dave on our Wedding Day, 9/24/05, San Francisco, CA

So, it’s officially been 10 years since I myself tied the knot with my husband Dave. When planning my own wedding, I had no idea that I’d now be designing and styling weddings for other people. Nor did I have any of that valuable party planning knowledge I now have at the time. I had just finished law school, Dave had just finished dental school, and we were getting ready to purchase our first home. We were just plain young. And planning my wedding was no different than much of what I hear from my brides today—filled with much of the same emotions and obstacles.

Scrolling through my photos today, I can’t help but chuckle to myself —pay phones in the corner, Dave holding a flip phone, and my bridesmaids wearing brown (I’m so sorry girls!!!). One day my son will look at those photos and say “What is THAT?!” and I’ll have to explain to him what it was like before there were cell phones and how there were phones that we could use randomly dotting the streets. And before they had the sleek designs they have today, cell phones folded in half and were HUGE.

If I was planning my wedding today, would I do some things different? Of course! Times change and style changes. What was modern and forward then is now seen as…vintage?!  Does 10 years qualify as vintage? At the time I thought I was being so forward and modern with the combination of crisp lime green cymbidium orchids paired with classic white roses. And red and deeper shades of red paired with the same shades of green? I thought it was fresh and cutting edge. But these photos reflect exactly where we were at the time and I absolutely love that.

Happy Anniversary to you Dave. You’re the love of my life.  I am just as excited about our future as I was 10 years ago!