It’s tough to be a bride. An endless series of decisions, a tedious never-ending to-do list, managing not only your emotions, but those of everyone else around you and of course, the ultimate photo shoot of your life, your wedding day. Then the wanting every picture to be perfect and wanting to look your very best, the discomfort of having to be so close and intimate while a photographer is snapping away with a lens in face and the realization that these are your FOREVER photos. It’s difficult to imagine what it’s really like until you actually go through it. A vulnerable place, in front of the camera, which admittedly, although once a bride, I have completely forgotten. I have forgotten what it’s like to be a bride and all that may go through her head in preparing herself for those coveted wedding photos. Maybe after seeing wedding after wedding perusing pinterest, wedding blogs and magazines, or witnessing my brides take their photos or perhaps the eight and half years its been since I did it myself, I got a lovely refresher, thanks to the Seattle transplant, the newly relocated to San Francisco photographer, Clane Gessel.

Even though self conscious and uncomfortable in front of the lens, Clane put us at ease and directed us on exactly what to do. It was amazing on how natural the pictures seemed to be and how relaxed we could feel without having to think of what we had to do. Also, as a native to San Francisco, you think we’d know all the little tips and tricks on picture spots, but new to SF, Clane has gotten to know this city well. Did you know Pier 7 is lined to directly point to the Transamerica building? Neither did we, until we took this photo.

I always loved my wedding photos, and they are really the only pictures I’ve cared to make an effort to frame around my home, but these are definitely just as special. Not necessarily our wedding day but perfectly captures Dave and I and where we are at right now.

Admittedly, although shy in front of the camera, I was VERY excited about the opportunity to design a bouquet and style my very own look. To capture the romantic rocker bohemian vice, I picked a soft and sheer Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress and paired it with my sparkly and glam Haute Hippie jacket, one of the favorite pieces in my closet. For my flowers, I knew I want something wild and romantic and reminiscent of Shakespeare Garden the location inspiration. I wanted it to look like I had picked my own flowers from the garden and spontaneously made a bouquet. As for the halo, well, I wish I could wear flowers everyday.

Photographer: Clane Gessel