When I started my business as a floral designer for weddings and events, I loved leafing through magazines and newspapers looking at glamorous parties and weddings.

I used to soak up the photos of events and galas, especially dreamy weddings with decadent florals. I loved the work of famous floral designers such as Preston Bailey, Mark’s Garden, and Putnam and Putnam. I admired the art of natural beauty and how it enhanced gorgeous venues.

When I saw photos from event stylists and producers like Stanlee Gatti and Riccardo Benavides of Ideas in beautiful historical venues, like San Francisco City Hall and the Asian Art Museum, they took my breath away.

To this day, wedding magazines are one of my favorite indulgences. One of the reasons I love getting my hair cut is the time I get to spend sitting in the chair and flipping through the latest copy of Inside Weddings.

From the outset of my career, I dreamed that I would one day design florals for an event as grand and spectacular as the ones I saw featured in my favorite magazine.

At the same time, my heart held so much love and appreciation for every couple I worked with. The joy of my job didn’t depend on the size or scope of the event. It’s been an honor to help every couple I’ve worked with bring their love story to life.

When Derrick Djang and Michael Kenney got married on August 3rd, 2019, my long-held dream came true.

For this event, I had the pleasure of working with the one and only Thomas Bui, a notable and sought-after designer. His style, grace, and leadership while producing a large-scale event are simply unmatched. Plus he’s incredibly charming—I love to hear his giggle when we both just love something so much.

As soon as Thomas asked me if I wanted to work on a Tom Ford-inspired wedding, I was on board! I knew his vision and coordination would ensure a first-class experience in every detail and design element.

Through Thomas, I had the delight of designing florals for Derrick and Michael, who share my love for grand-scale events in iconic, historic locations.

The couple chose to marry at San Francisco’s City Hall, the site of the nation’s first same-sex marriage licensing, and decided to elevate the grand architecture with a simple, sophisticated floral palette and one show-stopping floral structure.

They held their reception at the Fairmont San Francisco, another icon of architectural grandeur, allowing me and the entire Wish team to produce spectacular florals for a second remarkable venue.

This wedding represents the pinnacle of my floral design career. Not because it’s “the best” or my personal favorite—I’ve loved all my weddings for various reasons—but because it offered a project of the scope and grandeur I’ve always dreamed about.

This could be where my story ends…but it’s not.

Earlier this year, I found out Derrick and Michael’s wedding would be featured in Inside Weddings.

That’s right—one of my very favorite magazines, the one I used to page through at the hair salon—was going to print a multi-page spread that included floral design by Wish Social Events. WOWZA.

I can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel to Thomas, Derrick, and Michael for this opportunity. Through our amazing partner vendors, our trusting clients, and our hardworking team, Wish had the privilege of creating beautiful wedding moments worthy of the pages of a magazine.

The wedding was truly a labor of love by myself and the entire Wish team. We poured blood, sweat, and tears into this event and all the challenges a project of this scope presents. Through our amazing partner vendors, our trusting clients and hardworking team, Wish has the privilege of creating beautiful wedding moments worthy of the pages of a magazine.

To see more photos of the floral designs Wish developed for Derrick & Michael, visit our photo gallery here.

To read the article from Inside Weddings (which features our show-stopping florals!), click here.