What started out as a simple #throwbackthursday post is about to turn into a little gush-fest. Today, I wanted to thank my best friend and honor her as today’s Wish Bride of Style!  On her wedding day, Tina wore a sleek and elegant French silk Nicole Miller gown that perfectly complimented her signature A-line bob. With her monochromatic black calla bouquet and white orchid in her hair, Tina exuded the chic sophistication her and Tim wanted to have for their wedding at Hotel Valencia, Santana Row.

Credit:  Aaron Blumenshine Photography

For my best friends wedding, I wanted to create something that felt sleek and chic but also clean and fresh.  The overall look being very understated but opulent at the same time. In order to create the look we created floral dandelions of carnations and 1000 Hawaiian dendrobium orchids.  As the centerpiece of her ceremony, the fountain with a dandelion rising from the smooth glassy surface of the water fountain.

Tina’s wedding holds an extremely special place in my heart for so many reasons.  Not only because she’s my best friend, but as only my second wedding ever, Tina trusted me whole heartedly with her wedding never doubted my interpretation of her wedding.  Thinking back on how green I was to the floral and wedding scene, I will never ever forget Tina’s encouragement and faith in me. This could have been a complete FLOP!!! But far from a flop (in my humble opinion), her wedding is one of my favorites and will always have a special place in my heart.  A sign of a true friend, Tina has not only been a shoulder to lean on in times of sadness but also one to happily celebrate the triumphs right beside me, champagne in hand.

Credit: Colson Griffith

And I couldn’t be more thankful for and proud of my ride-or-die bestie, T.  Since launching her style blog Phashionable, Tina has exploded as one of the hottest trending style bloggers to recently emerge being featured numerous times on Lucky, PopSugar Fashion, New York Magazine’s The Cut, and the fashion coveted September issue of InStyle!  I couldn’t be more happy for her and all that she’s accomplished. No one deserves it more than her. ; ) And how do you celebrate with your bestie? A dual editorial photo shoot with one of my favorites, Colson Griffith!